I’m overwhelmed by new music recently.

what’s next? a new strokes album?

March 28 201406·54 pm2 notes

The Growl - Liarbird (feat. Tame Impala)

Dropped a sub 6 during during a normal run yesterday…never done that before.

get me on the goddamn track already.


I’m convinced that what causes almost everyone in my generation angst and heartache is having friendships that are no deeper than a paper cut. Everybody is too damn scared to really know someone, so we fuck ourselves into a corner and convince ourselves it’s not worth getting out of. Nobody really knows how you feel or what you actually think; there is no bond. But still, we believe that bad friends are better than no friends and I’m not sure of that they are anymore. I’m lucky to have a few friends that I think are here to stay, maybe 2 or 3, and even they are far away experiencing probably the same things I am in the slightest of differences. I should be spending my time with them, not here. It’s times like these that I wonder: what’s the fucking point?

I swear I’m not a dick; I just hate small talk.

"We’ve just built a bridge over the River Cock" — Jeremy Clarkson

Thank You, Top Gear.

My followers are very attractive people.

Yeah that means you, you’re some hot shit over there on the other side of the internet, go you! Hope you guys hear that as much as you deserve.

Recovery run.

Sometimes recovery runs are just that, recovery runs. Other times you feel freakin fresh at the end and can’t help but opening up the stride a bit. Today we were going 6 minute pace at the end and we weren’t even breathing hard, it’s time to race. 10 days til these legs are back on a 400m track.

March 18 201407·31 pm

Laura Jane Grace - Black Me Out live

I’m convinced Laura Roesler is what Man had in mind when he coined the phrase “perfect 10”.

She’s fast
She’s humble
She’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Spring, you can’t get here quick enough.

"Plastic Jesus"


Sophomore year of high school my history teacher kept a little Jesus bobblehead on his desk and hummed this little ditty whenever we asked about it. He told me to go buy Wilco’s “Summerteeth” and I did and here I am a decade later.